What is an Imoogi?

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An imoogi is a close relative of the dragon, some would say an early incarnation of the more recognized European dragon we know from Dungeons and Dragons.
This amazing creature, however, comes from Korean mythology — a proto-dragon which must survive 1,000 years, complete tasks and gain knowledge in order to grow into a full fledged dragon.
It is said to be a large, benevolent, python-like creature that lives in water or caves but what is most important about the imoogi, aside from its miraculous growth from serpent to dragon, is this …

… to see one is to have amazing good luck!

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Imoogi are unique creatures of brilliance that are always seeking to learn, grow and evolve into their full potential — it is no accident that we chose to be iMoogi.tv.  Just like our mythological predecessors, our content creators … our artists, seek to learn, grow and evolve into their full potential as well.

Each new work begins its life in “The Hatchery” where your audience watches and votes on your work.

The winners are then reviewed carefully by industry professionals who put their final stamp of approval on your amazing content and it moves up to the main site, iMoogi.tv.
Once there, your audience continues to comment and vote, but now, this is to show your fan-base and keep your fans engaged in your work!

“If you believe that content is king, the king has never had more power than today.  No one cares how they get the content — watching Netflix or HuluPlus or using a cable box, AppleTV or roku box.  They care about consuming the content they want when they want — and where they want it.  Without it, the platforms and devices are useless.”      
–Mike LaSalle, Forbes Magazine

iMoogi.tv is an online television network that markets its brand with vigor, to ensure your shows have the largest possible selection of internet entertainment seekers to watch and participate!  Through our marketing, you build your brand and film buyers find you!
The world is changing all around us.  Their are amazing opportunities available to those willing to reach out and take them and iMoogi.tv will help you live your dreams!  Don’t let big corporations hinder your potential.

“We screen films via screeners at home or in the office all the time, and we know how to assess things under these circumstances.  If we can choose the time when we will watch your film, we’ll be more disposed to liking it!” *
–Michael Baker, Director of Acquisitions & Development, Thinkfilm

Take charge of your creative experience, your copyrights and your future — become an imoogi!

dragon rearing for in posts.fwWhy is imoogi.tv right for you?  What does it do and help you do?

  • Test market to audiences and prove the viability of your program.
  • Build your fan-base to create equity in your content.
  • Refine the branding/identity of your work.
  • Join “The Hive,” a community for creative talent to find complimenting artists to help complete projects.
  • Earn money with advertising revenue sharing on your channel.
  • Monetize your show with ancillaries through iMoogi.
  • Win project funding bonuses through serving quality shows.
  • Earn your ticket to the annual awards show in Bucks County Pennsylvania.
  • Find business management guidance from business professionals.

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