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iMoogi.tv is owned by iMoogi Enterprises, LLC.  a real world company providing immersive multi-reality media, business and entertainment solutions.

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The world has surpassed 2 dimensions …

It’s time to embrace the 3rd dimension … iMoogi Enterprises focuses on bringing powerful virtual reality and 3D resources to businesses that would not otherwise have the ability to incorporate this cutting edge technology into their marketing and product arsenals!  We specialize in creating immersive environments, avatars and accessories for Second Life and Unity3D.
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iMoogi Enterprises, LLC‘s mission is to provide resources and tools to creators of independent entertainment, to help them produce quality programming for today’s internet-based television viewing mindset.
Our tools and resources are all geared around helping them to coordinate and create while becoming their marketing and fan base generation solution, giving them a resource to get their shows seen, build an audience and potentially earn an income doing what they love.
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As a direct result, iMoogi.tv is filled with unique, quality programming well suited for today’s internet based viewers of most ages.
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iMoogi.biz is a community for the creators of great content, to help manage their production teams across vast distances and time-zones, or to just keep themselves organized.
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WorldsOfRoleplay.com is an interactive community of role-players from all over the world.  They include those who participate in their local communities and those who play online exclusively from virtual worlds to text-based solutions.
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WhereItBegins.at is our asset creation business where our available products from many different creators, for various virtual worlds, can be found.  Each virtual world’s items can be purchased from within that world or its marketplace/store.
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