It’s coming….in 2013…a virus so powerful that nothing can stop it….a virus that goes your SOUL!

special voice/avatar actors:

Hugh Grant: Russell Boyd
Grover Norquist: Terry Beers
Barack Obama/John Boehner: Miles Eleventhauer
Eric Cantor: Miron Lockett
Mitch McConnell: Robwag Soothsayer

AND the Pope: Kardinal Ratzinger

special thanks to our fab background actors:

Jens Nerido, Eluna Baramm, Uccie Poultry-Seale, Eve Kazan, nicolex moonwall, hugues haiku, Rosa Korreleander

and luv Woodrunner as JESUS

artwork by Kriss Lehmann & Stefanie Rost
props by Kriss Lehmann

Pope outfit by Avatar Bizarre
Oval Office by Cheshyr Pontchartrain
Teleporters by Neurolab Inc

Flufee is a character brought to life through the efforts of Bernhard Drax and Pooky Amsterdam illustrating in the best way possible, how profound a medium this game engine virtual reality can be.

Flufee has a virtual identity and presence that is strongly connected to his core brand > Adorableness.  He could be a Bugs Bunny for the Digital age, all wisecrack and charm.

Flufee travels though the world he knows which is ever changing as he himself finds new adventures as a “Mesh” enabled character. He knows no boundaries…and that isn’t because we raised him without manners! The Kid’s got spunk is all!

Flufee on a Meshion - Episode 18: It Spread

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