Valentines day 2012 came and went and now it is here again. And as you may have expected: our cuddly superhero had its share of “experiences”…now is he going to show and tell? In detail perhaps since this is YouTube? No worries, this episode is rated PG just like the entire season 1 – however: a new character enters the scene and he has legs made of metal plus an artificial eye. So should you be offended by steampunk imagery, close the browser tab NOW! We, the writers, sincerely hope that the depiction of Tedee is not too disturbing for our younger viewers! Or the guy with the cheesy cartoon head who is also making a cameo…or the Japanese lady with the….ok, quiet…watch the thing now, will ya?

Flufee is a character brought to life through the efforts of Bernhard Drax and Pooky Amsterdam illustrating in the best way possible, how profound a medium this game engine virtual reality can be.

Flufee has a virtual identity and presence that is strongly connected to his core brand > Adorableness.  He could be a Bugs Bunny for the Digital age, all wisecrack and charm.

Flufee travels though the world he knows which is ever changing as he himself finds new adventures as a “Mesh” enabled character. He knows no boundaries…and that isn’t because we raised him without manners! The Kid’s got spunk is all!

Flufee on a Meshion – E11: Ladies Men

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